Handmade rug made of 70% cotton and 30% Seagrass (yarn made from dried leaves of the Seagrass plant that usually grows in shallow water next to coastal areas).

The combination of this type of plant with cotton, gives the rug softness and higher comfort than regular rope rugs. A modern design with a earthy look with a two-and-even look between the jute and cotton that give the rug a charming and interesting look.

Can be used for the living room or dining area due to its high water resistance.


  • A rug of medium weight +, sitting firmly on the floor.
  • Main shades: natural, light beige


    • We recommend giving the rugs a rigorous shake once a week, or vacuum cleaning.
    • In the event that a rug gets soiled, fast action will ensure effective stain removal. Cleaning wipes will remove the majority of stains if actioned in a quick time frame.
    • For more serious stains, we recommend wetting a cloth with a specialised textile shampoo and water solution and cleaning the affected area using a gentle circular cleaning motion before being left to dry.
    • Outside of routine shaking and vacuuming, we recommend that all Kuna Khula rugs are cleaned via a special rug cleaning company once a year or so.