This gorgeous round rug is a spectacular display of a multitude of colours, making it ideal to dress up a table area or placed in your child’s bedroom.  The modern floral design in red, blue, turquoise, pink, green and gold on an ivory background should blend well with any décor, whether modern or traditional in style.  Each area has been carefully hand-woven using 100% Australian wool, with a cotton underside and Azo dyes. Round rugs soften angles in any room creating a sense of movement.  They also introduce balance into a more masculine space. Round rugs are fabulous underneath a round table, in a minimally designed small room and at the entrance to a home. Certain round rugs such as this one are particularly suited to children’s rooms.


Designed in Israel in collaboration with several artisans in Kashmir, India, our One-of-a-kind, hand-knotted wool rugs have the potential to spark optimism and delight in your home and truly ‘wow’ your guests with their unique and colourful designs. Our rugs are of the highest quality and are fully handmade following ethical standards from start to finish. Our carefully selected Kashimir artisans hand-dye the finest ethically sourced Australian sheep wool and chain stitch our bespoke designs by hand.

Round Living Colors - 6ft

    • The light weight quality of Kuna Khula’s chain stitched rugs allows for easy cleaning. We recommend giving the rugs a rigorous shake once a week, or a vacuum provided there is an under-rug anti slip rug pad that will hold the rug firmly to the floor during vacuuming.
    • In the event that a rug gets soiled, fast action will ensure effective stain removal. Cleaning wipes will remove the majority of stains if actioned in a quick time frame.
    • For more serious stains, we recommend wetting a cloth with a specialised textile shampoo and water solution and cleaning the affected area using a gentle circular cleaning motion before being left to dry.
    • Outside of routine shaking and vacuuming, we recommend that all Kuna Khula rugs are cleaned via a special rug cleaning company once a year or so.