Handmade rug made of 70% wool, 20% cotton and 10% Lurex (metal-coated plastic yarn).

The Lurex material gives the rug a unique and luxurious look that is sometimes seen in festive evening dresses.

Modern, quiet monochromatic design characterized by a variety of shades of gray and beige combined with silver threads that bounce the pattern and give it a unique and luxurious look.


  • A medium-weight rug, sitting relatively firmly on the floor.
  • Main shades: variety of gray, white, silver

Lurex Special

    • We recommend giving the rugs a rigorous shake once a week, or vacuum cleaning.
    • In the event that a rug gets soiled, fast action will ensure effective stain removal. Cleaning wipes will remove the majority of stains if actioned in a quick time frame.
    • For more serious stains, we recommend wetting a cloth with a specialised textile shampoo and water solution and cleaning the affected area using a gentle circular cleaning motion before being left to dry.
    • Outside of routine shaking and vacuuming, we recommend that all Kuna Khula rugs are cleaned via a special rug cleaning company once a year or so.