Flat woven rug made of 100% polyester.

Modern design with a special weave that creates a look of two-dimensional prominence that adds interest and beauty to the design of the rug

The quality and material of the rug, allow the use of the rug inside the house and even outside


  • A relatively thin and light rug, but sitting relatively firmly on the floor.
  • Has a nice and soft feeling to it
  • Main shades: light gray, dark gray

Double Grey

    • We recommend giving the rugs a rigorous shake once a week, or vacuum cleaning.
    • In the event that a rug gets soiled, fast action will ensure effective stain removal. Cleaning wipes will remove the majority of stains if actioned in a quick time frame.
    • For more serious stains, we recommend wetting a cloth with a specialised textile shampoo and water solution and cleaning the affected area using a gentle circular cleaning motion before being left to dry.
    • Outside of routine shaking and vacuuming, we recommend that all Kuna Khula rugs are cleaned via a special rug cleaning company once a year or so.