We are proud to present part of the publications we've been fortunate to be part of. This is a partial list and does not include many more articles about home design projects that included our unique colorful rugs.

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A book about 'affordable home styling', by the famous Orly Robinzon, the author of more than 10 books on interior design. Here Robinzon provides incredible tips and advice on a variety of styles and design solutions, including best use of colour, textures, lighting, furniture, art, and more.

Several interior designers chose to use our unique rugs in this project and Kuna Khula is starring in several pages throughout the book.

The book is sold throughout several of the leading book chain stores.

The power of styling (book).jpg
In the -Designing bedrooms- book publish

A book about Styling bedrooms, produced by Orly Robinzon and Aminach Company, the leading mattress manufacturer in Israel.

Kuna Khula's rugs were chosen to 'model' in several of the bedrooms.

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The Marker magazine -  An article about home styling 

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Laisha magazine.jpg

Laisha magazine -  An article under 'Home design' category 

‏‏An article in BVD - עותק (2).JPG

BVD magazine -  An article in the largest designer magazine in Israel.